Our SubStack Page

I will be moving most of the Dharma Talks and Teishos on to the Substack platform. This will be an attempt to grow and get a more engaged Sangha experience for those of you who are interested in supporting us. Right now there are over 200 Dharma talks and Teishos and gradually they will be published there to serve the needs of our Zen community.

To find out what will be offered and to subscribe follow this link: https://moonlitcranezendo.substack.com/

For right now the subscription will be priced at 12 CAD per month or 90 CAD for one year. Some of the content will be offered for free. The annual fee will also serve as an annual membership in Northern Lights Sangha and Moonlit Crane Zendo.

To find out more about the Substack platform in general please see this link: https://substack.com/home

Discouragement and Zen practice

This is a Zoom recording of the Zen Teisho given on November 6th, 2021 during Northern Lights Sangha’s online one day meditation retreat. This Teisho is a continuation of last month’s talk and discusses some common ways in which we misunderstand the Zen Path which may lead to frequent arising of discouragment. This is the third and last part of the most recent cycle of Dharma talks.